Watch As This Impatient Guy Nearly Dies Getting Off A Ferry Boat

Patience is certainly a virtue that very few people in this world actually possess. Being impatient can definitely get you in trouble at times, but usually nothing serious. Not having restraint over yourself, though, can sometimes damn near get you killed. This YouTube video is a fine example of that.

In the clip, a ferry is shown slowly making its approach toward a dirt shore to dock. A man in a red shirt can be seen walking toward the end of the boat, apparently trying to time his steps so he doesn’t have to wait for the vessel to stop. The hurried fellow misjudges his timing, though, and ends up falling face-first into the sandy shore. While this in itself is pretty embarrassing, it also places his body directly under bow of the ship. You can hear screams from the camera operator as the man scurries from underneath the vessel. A crew member sees the the fallen fool, and quickly sprints over to help pull him out of the way. Luckily, he escapes just as the ship hits land.

(Via Reddit)