Watch As This Kid’s Phone Durability Test Doesn’t Go As Planned

06.22.15 4 years ago 8 Comments

Cell phones these days are about as durable as fine bone china. Because of this, cases to protect them are an absolute must. While it’s easy to put a lot of faith in these safeguards, they’re not fully idiot-proof. Sadly, the kid in this video had to learn this fact the hard way.

In the clip, a young boy holds a phone shrouded in a thick black case. Trying to prove the durability of the covering, he places the phone on a table and proceeds to give it two solid whacks with a hammer. After giving the camera a cocky head nod, he grabs the device to prove it’s still in working order. As the young man opens the case, though, he quickly finds out that the phone’s screen has been utterly smashed. Realizing what he has done, the little guy grabs his head in disbelief, immediately breaking into tears.

Hopefully this aspiring Gallagher won’t be so quick to do the ol’ Sledge-O-Matic presentation on his next phone.

(Via Reddit)

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