Watch David Banner Be So Lonely In This ‘Incredible Hulk’ Supercut

The Incredible Hulk was arguably one of the few filmic bright spots for Marvel in the ’70s, winning a few Emmys and generally illustrating that comic books actually could make a decent TV show. That said, it fell into a predictable formula rather quickly, something NBC’s supercut takes full advantage of.

To promote their new TV classics website, they’ve strung together a highlight reel of all the times David Banner has had to walk away from somebody, or the Hulk has felt sad because nobody loves him. They probably did not intend it to be funny, but it kind of is anyway.

Yes, we said “David Banner.” They changed his name because depending on whom you ask, either some TV executive thought it sounded gay, or else showrunner Kenneth Johnson hated alliterative names. Yes, it’s silly, especially since they made Bruce his middle name in the show.

If you’d like to see The Incredible Hulk, you can check it out on NBC’s site. Or you can just watch the single best moment of the series now: