‘Watch Dogs’ Shows Off Its Innovative Approach To Multiplayer In A New Video

One of the most under-publicized aspects of Watch Dogs has been game’s multiplayer. According to Ubisoft the multiplayer side of Watch Dogs will blend seamlessly with its single-player experience, but they haven’t really said how it all works — until now. Ubisoft has just released a nine-minute video detailing Watch Dogs’ approach to multiplayer, and it’s pretty interesting stuff.

Basically, you’ll be able to enter other people’s single player games and screw with them. When you’re in somebody else’s game you’ll look like a random NPC. allowing to you to hack the main player without immediately being seen. There’s also an interesting mode where you can essentially take control of another person’s city and try to prevent them from reaching a certain location, and a more traditional team co-op shootout mode.

You can check it all out below…

I’m sure 90% of the online reaction to this video will be “LOL, the cars don’t take any damage!” but I’m pretty impressed. I’ll never knock a company for trying something new, even if the execution isn’t perfect.

via Destructoid