Watch The Drunken SantaCon Street Brawl To End All Drunken SantaCon Street Brawls

12.16.13 4 Comments

Two things…

1. When I first moved to New York in 2002, I remember going out in my neighborhood at the time (the Lower East Side) and running into a few people in Santa costumes drinking at Max Fish (which is now sadly closed). There might have been a dozen of them, and they were all polite and civil. After having a couple of drinks, they moved on to another bar nearby. I never saw another Santa drinking that night. This was my first encounter with SantaCon.

Now, fast forward a decade and SantaCon is a full blown menace to the point that New Yorkers are actually fleeing the city or staying in their apartments all day just to avoid the drunk pricks acting the ass in the streets. It’s become an amateur hour event on par with St. Patricks Day, New Year’s Eve or any given weekend night on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. SantaCon must be stopped. Even the guy who came up with the idea for it thinks so.

2. The Joe Jr. restaurant that makes a cameo in the clip embedded above is my favorite place for breakfast in NYC. I actually wrote about it when Bobby Big Wheel asked me to make a contribution to his food Tumblr. Get the French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon — just watch out for drunken Santas taking swings at each other on the sidewalk on your way in and out.

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