Watch This Guy Solve Three Rubik's Cubes Under Water In A Little Over A Minute

Last year, we were introduced to a gentleman with the amazing ability of being able to juggle three Rubik’s Cubes at one time, all while he solved them, of course. (Otherwise, what’s the point?) But could he accomplish a similar feat under water while holding his breath for more than a minute? I don’t know. We didn’t get a chance to ask him. Kevin Hays can, though, and he recently uploaded his attempt to YouTube so we can all watch it and feel a little more pathetic about how our coolest tricks involve farting in unison with the dog.

Hays hit the local pool with Rubik’s Cubes featuring 4, 9 and 16 sides, and in a combined 1 minute and 7 seconds, he made the rest of us look like the kids that would try to peel the stickers off the sides of a Cube to try to put them back together and pretend like we solved it, even though the stickers were crooked and barely sticking to the Cube anymore. Not that I have any experience with that.

Additionally, here’s Hays setting the world record for a 6×6 Rubik’s Cube last year. It’s incredible to watch, from the way his hands seem to be in fast forward to the bro-tastic celebration at the end. This man is simply a machine.