Watch Hannibal Buress’s Hilariously Mean Review Of A Pennsylvania Restaurant

Hannibal Buress posted his first and what may be his last restaurant review of Lamb’s Creek Food and Spirits in Mansfield, PA, which he stopped at while on tour recently. Spoiler alert: Hannibal Buress did not have an enjoyable dining experience at Lamb’s Creek Food and Spirits. The restaurant’s Yelp page only boasts three out of five stars out of just ten reviews, so already they had that much stacked against them. Slow service is one thing — as a former waitress I can give a restaurant the benefit of the doubt, but serving hot wings for an entire party with one single “long-ass” celery stalk? It’s not a Bloody Mary, for f*ck’s sake! I only hope that Lamb’s Creek Food and Spirits learns from this public abasement.

(Via @HannibalBuress)