Watch HBO’s ‘Too Big To Fail’ In 80 Seconds

Did you, like me, miss the airing of HBO’s much-hyped “Too Big To Fail” — the star-studded film on the Wall Street collapse adapted from Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book of the same title — on Monday night? I was on a plane when it it aired and it’s been sitting on my DVR ever since, just waiting for me to have two free hours spare to watch it, and it’s haunting me. How can I show my face at any fancy cocktail party or Memorial Day BBQ this weekend without having seen this?! The horror! Well thankfully the internet has come to the rescue!

Specifically, comedian Joe Mande has taken the whole movie and boiled it down to a rather hilarious 80 seconds. And we all already know how it ends! Now I can use those two hours of my life I would have lost watching the actual movie gardening or something. The possibilities are truly endless!