Watch These Hilarious Reactions To A Devil Baby Being Strolled Around Manhattan

Fresh off the awesome Carrie “Coffee Shop Telekinesis” prank comes another viral promotional video for the horror flick Devil’s Due, and maybe because I haven’t slept in two days, this one’s pretty damn good.

Setting up a mechanical-springing devil baby from hell, the Devil’s Due promotional team filmed around New York as people lost their sh*t.

Here are few of the best reaction shots…

This is actually what babies look like in China. True story.

Dear NYU pre-law major: Break up with that girl as quick as possible. She will never have sex with you after this.

Oh cliche Italian city worker, you make everything better.

Geez, relax guy.

Is it sad that I actually know what kind of stroller that is? As someone who has a 3-week old newborn, I can honestly say this isn’t scary at all: it’s over in less than two minutes and you don’t have to deal with it at 3am. What’s scary is how that baby went outside without mittens and a hat. That’s just irresponsible parenting. REAL TALK.

Watch the full video here.

Devil’s Due comes out in theaters this Friday, January 17th.