Norwegians Help A Boy Without A Jacket In This Viral Charity Campaign

There are many ways to get attention for charities online, but few can compare to the “BUT WHAT IF IT WAS IN YOUR CITY?” viral video campaign. SOS Mayday, a group of freaking awesome people trying to help clothe children in war-torn Syria produced a video where they had a young boy at a bus stop in Norway without a jacket. They filmed people as they came across the boy and the results are pretty heart-warming.

According to a translation of their website done by someone whose name probably has two a’s next to each other:

SOS Children’s Villages in Syria handing out thousands of warm coats and blankets to displaced children , while mobilized donors in Norway in order to help more children through donor network SOS MAYDAY .

SOS MAYDAY : is an action network run by SOS Children’s Villages which assists children in acute crises.
As a member of the action network can quickly give your support via phone or card . The amount
ranges from action to action , and you choose whether you want to support. The actions you provide are concrete and action target will be reached in a short time

Watch the full video below:

Bonus points to the guy waiting at the bus stop with cross-country skis…in Norway. It’s like having this video filmed in Sweden and they’re all chefs or Ikea employees. Super-Stereotype-Level 3-almost-4.

The campaign has gone viral on Reddit. Check out the comments here complete with translations of the text. If you can get past the usual Reddit racist and sexist crap there’s some gems in the thread. Shout out to user spock_block who writes:

Norwegians – so nice they will lend their jackets to a freezing kid and freeze themselves. Also, they will make a kid freeze to prove a point.

Click here to contribute to SOS Mayday (Google Translate needed probably).

Source Youtube, SOS Mayday, Reddit