Samuel L. Jackson Is Urging Celebrities To Speak Out Against Police Violence With This Online Challenge

This year’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised over $23 million, thanks in part to its viral promotion and the participation of celebrities like the Game of Thrones cast, Homer Simpson, and, yes, even a naked Kathy Griffin. Now, Samuel L. Jackson is hoping to rally that same kind of widespread support for another cause: “Callin’ out the violence of the racist police.”

In a short clip posted on his Facebook page, Jackson challenges “all you celebrities out there who poured ice water on your head” to sing the “We ain’t gonna stop till people are free” song, a solemn tune undoubtedly inspired by the recent deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

The Django Unchained actor goes on to recite the song himself, starting with a line that directly references Garner’s now-famous last words: “I can hear my neighbor cryin’ ‘I can’t breathe’.”

Jackson ends the video with a quick request, saying, “Come on, sing it out.”

(Via Facebook)