Spree Wilson Feat. Novel – “King Sh*t (The Answer)” Video

12.22.11 6 years ago

After locking himself in the lab for fine-tuning to his debut The Spark, the always out-of-the-box Spree Wilson has reemerged to release his new single and video, “King Sh*t (The Answer).” Like pretty much everything else the A-Town artist releases, Wilson’s road from rags to royalty is laced with all sorts of elements atypical to most rap songs, including an open mindset that allows them to be there in the first place. While the consensus in hip-hop production these days is either A.) sample-based, B.) trapped-out or C.) electronic, this son of a Memphis Doo-Wop singer has a rich history in instrumentation that ensures the impression he leaves in each of his songs will always be undefinable, and this track is just that. Download the mp3 here while watching the video below.

Teetering somewhere between movie score and indie rock invasion, this unique sonic hodgepodge is a perfect landscape for Spree’s sing-song delivery and style, which can be properly dissected below in the form of a iPhone-made video, from his homeboy Hectah.

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