Watch The Construction Of 1 World Trade Center In A Convenient Time-Lapse Video

For the last three-and-a-half years, photographer Benjamin Rosamond had two cameras pointed out of the window of his Prospect Heights apartment to record the construction of 1 World Trade Center. The purpose was to create a time-lapse video that displayed the incredible erection (stop laughing) of this new monument in the New York City skyline for all the world to marvel over, and the end result certainly gives us all something to gawk at. While Rosamond shared the finished project three months ago on Vimeo, today was the perfect occasion for people to break it out again, because the first 175 Condé Nast employees moved into their new offices at 1 World Trade Center this morning.

Eventually, all 3,400 of the company’s employees will move into the new skyscraper, but today was more about the occasion and the meaning of the event to people in New York. For Rosamond, the project was simply a matter of taking advantage of a sweet view.

“It’s a confluence of (my) interests and circumstances,” Rosamond told, explaining that he moved into his apartment in Prospect Heights just before the tower became visible on the skyline. “I was lucky enough to have a front-row view.”

Rosamond ended up taking more than 30,000 photos, so the process of picking which 1,200 to use was probably a major pain in the ass. But it was certainly worth it, because this video is pretty awesome.