Watch The Massive Brawl From A Pennsylvania Mall That Left Two Teens Injured

This is just one of many videos you can find online of a massive fight that occurred at Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania on Friday. As you can see, things got a bit hectic amongst the teenage population and devolved into fisticuffs. From NBC News:

Two teenagers were injured, one of them taken to hospital, after “multiple fights” forced the closure of a Pittsburgh area shopping mall late Friday, police said. Separate groups of “young adults” got into a series of fights that led to police being called to the Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania starting at 5:30 p.m. ET, Monroeville Police Chief Doug Cole said.

“It was really insane,” eyewitness Cory Clemente told NBC News. “I ended up locked in American Eagle.” Up to 1,000 teenagers showed up at the mall late Friday, security officers at the mall told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

One teen talked to WPXI news about the incident, saying her incident started as a disagreement with another girl, leading to harassment and ignored pleas from mall security. How it ended is obvious, but there were other fights at the mall at the same time.

I think the video at the top is the best I’ve seen because it truly captures the insanity that’s described in these news stories. I particularly like the one guy whose pants are falling down as he dives in to either join the fight or break it up.

The very obvious, funny coincidence connected to this incident is the fact that Monroeville Mall was the setting for George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. It is what made the mall famous in the first place, long before folks put the hardcore title on the line to kick off the post-holiday shopping craze.

(Via NBC News)