Watch The World’s Coolest Dad Dress Up As Spider-Man For His Sick Son

To celebrate his terminally-ill son Jayden’s fifth birthday, an incredibly agile father dressed up as Marvel‘s webslinger and surprised the little tike at the front door. No, he didn’t stand there, repeatedly ringing the doorbell like a poorly-timed pizza deliveryman. Instead, he jumped off the roof and landed right in front of the kid.

According to the original YouTube post, Jayden was diagnosed with a Grade 4 brain stem tumor. Patients with Grade 4 tumors generally survive no longer than a year if treated, and even less without treatment. Despite this, Jayden was very excited to meet his favorite superhero on his birthday. Though I suspect Jayden’s mother was even more excited to see her husband wearing custom tights and doing squats.

The family set up an official Facebook page with more information about Jayden’s condition.

Source: YouTube