Watch These Dudes In A Tiny Rowboat Get Terrorized By Killer Whales

Yes, everyone knows that killer whales, otherwise known as orcas, technically do not present a threat to human beings. But what if you were, say, in a tiny aluminum rowboat, and a couple of young orcas that just happened to be half the size of your rowboat came by out of curiosity? I think the best of us might pee our pants a little bit.

But that’s exactly what happened to Steven Sloan, who shot the above video back in December while crabbing with his friends off the coast of Anderson Island in Washington. The guys glimpsed a pod of orcas that had been seen around the area, which quickly became attracted to the sound of the rope being pulled along the side of the boat, and before they knew it, the orcas were upon them.

In this situation, I think my survivalist instincts would kick in by rocking in a fetal position at the bottom of the boat while repeating “killer whales don’t eat people” over and over. (Slight NSFW warning due to language.)

(Via Reddit)