Watch These High School Dudes Completely Nail The ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ Dance From ‘Mean Girls’

No one thinks of Mean Girls as a Christmas movie, but one of the film’s most pivotal scenes involves the main characters performing in their school’s annual Christmas talent show. That’s when the main characters have a huge blowout during their take on “Jingle Bell Rock” and Lindsay Lohan saves the day. It’s fun when adult women acting as high-school girls do it, but what would it be like to see the dance performed by actual high-schoolers? And what if those high-schoolers were actually teenage boys? Want the answers to these questions? They’re all here in this video.

Cosmopolitan‘s Laura Beck suggests that no one can match a high-school bro in the “doing anything for a laugh” department, and we’d be hard-pressed to find her wrong. Nailing not only the actual dancing, but also the (SPOILERS AHEAD) huge fight, the boombox flying off the stage, and the aftermath, these teens aren’t just going viral, they’re becoming legends.

(Via Cosmopolitan)