Watch These Rams Smash Up An Impatient Driver’s Car

Some people tend to feel a false sense of security when they’re behind the wheel of their car. Nothing can hurt them! They’re in a protective bubble of metal and glass! But they forget how much of their vehicle consists of plastic panels – panels that crack and shatter when looked at the wrong way.

I think you see where this encounter between an impatient driver and a sheep fight club is going. The people filming the action have the right idea: stop, wait for the road to clear, and enjoy the show. Meanwhile, the guy in the oncoming car is in such a rush he doesn’t seem to notice one sheep preparing to hit ramming speed.

Now he’s going to need a new front bumper. Fortunately for all us animal lovers out there, the sheep’s front bumper seems just fine and he’s back to headbutting it up within seconds as if nothing even happened.

So remember, don’t expect to put your car up against an animal without earning a little bit of body work in the process.

Or a lot!

(Via The Daily Dot)