Watch This Alleged Shoplifter Bust Out Of A Walmart Through The Ceiling

If your basic sense of right and wrong doesn’t stop you from pulling off a micro-heist for a pair of sneakers, one imagines that the possibility of getting caught would, but there are some who unfortunately blow past that stop sign, as well, and the results are often ugly. I’m talking about snot bubbles and pleas for leniency. I’m talking about the public shame that comes from being led out of a superstore in handcuffs; but an alleged shoe-nabbing shoplifter at a Walmart in Mobile, Ala. wasn’t willing to endure that embarrassment after store security detained him. And I mean, he really wasn’t willing to get escorted out of the store.

As you can see in the above video, the alleged shoplifter — who almost fell through a tile in the store’s attached McDonald’s while crawling for freedom — escaped through a hole that he kicked in the ceiling before sprinting out the door. According to, the man did not escape with the merchandise, so I think we can call this a win for Walmart, an unfortunate win for the alleged shoplifter, and a win for the internet, thanks to this footage.

Source: YouTube via

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