Watch This Amazing Gamer Beat ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!’ While Blindfolded

Beating Punch-Out!! was one of the most insurmountable gaming challenges of the 8-bit era, a time when almost all games were ball-breakingly hard. Sometimes beating Mike Tyson with your eyes open seems near impossible, so there’s no way somebody could do it without their sight, right?

Well, Punch-Out!! is a very regimented, pattern-based game, so if you know the game, very, very, very well, beating without your sight is, in theory, plausible. Well, YouTuber Jack Wedge knows Punch-Out!! very, very, very well and recently became the first person to play all the way through the game while blindfolded (other people have got to Tyson, but couldn’t beat him). Jack’s full, mind-blowing playthrough is above.

That’s it, I’m inspired – if somebody can beat Tyson with his eyes closed, I’m going to finally beat him with my eyes open sometime in 2015.

via Eurogamer