Watch This Chef Go To War With Two Crates Of Food And A Massive Wok

01.24.15 3 years ago 10 Comments

This is, quite simply, a YouTube video of a chef pouring two crates of food (maybe shrimp?) into what has to be the largest wok that I have ever seen. It looks like a double-wide flying saucer sled. This wok is so large that the chef is forced to furiously jump up and down as they rock the MEGA-WOK (patent pending) back and forth over what looks like a jet engine, forcefully flipping the food while adding assorted sauces.

Amazingly, this seems to work for the chef and his kitchen staff. Meanwhile, I’m still confused by the quickness and efficiency of woks and those who are able to harness its power. I once bought a wok at Ikea and used it. Once.

Source: YouTube

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