Watch This Disgruntled McDonald’s Employee Go Nuts And Destroy Everything In Sight

We’re not sure why this McDonald’s employee in St. Paul, Minnesota lost his sh*t and trashed everything behind the counter in a very public and graphic meltdown (language NSFW). I mean, McDonald’s is supposed to be the happiest place on earth, right? Or is that Disneyland? At any rate, this video is nearly two minutes of screaming and smashing and the sounds of glass breaking before the manager finally asks another employee to call 911. Uh, excuse me? HOW HAS NOBODY CALLED 911 YET? In fact, the employees are all just kind of standing around like this is a weekly occurrence or something.

The only thing I can really make out of the whole tirade is that he seems to keep screaming about his money or paycheck or something. Maybe they offered to pay him with lovin’?