Watch This Convenience Store Employee Follow This Black Customer From Aisle To Aisle

At a convenience store in Alabama, customer Cordney Murphy noticed that a store employee was taking an unusual interest in his decision to buy Hot Cheetos and vinegar-and-salt chips. As Murphy walked from aisle to aisle, the gentleman in the baseball cap and grey polo shirt followed him in what I’m sure he thought was an inconspicuous manner. After about five minutes, Murphy pulled out his cell phone and started filming.

Murphy comments that this is what it is like “shopping while black” in Alabama, but there are plenty of good reasons why the guy was following him around the store. Maybe he wanted to let Murphy know about their special on Slurpees to go with his Cheetos and chips, or maybe he has been watching Murphy for years and thought this was the perfect chance to ask him to the prom. They did sit together in art class, and Murphy hasn’t seen him since he ditched those overalls and started wearing his hair down. If only Murphy would notice him, they could be so happy together, eating Hot Cheetos side-by-side.


Source: YouTube