Watch This Extremely High Florida Woman Pull A Houdini To Eat A Whole Bag Of Weed

Tavish Smith was pretty lucky that she was only facing misdemeanor charges for minor hit-and-run, DUI and drug possession after cops busted her for driving her truck the wrong way and crashing it on US-1 in Florida, not once but twice, almost two weeks ago. But the laughing lady made things a hell of a lot worse for herself when she managed to escape from her handcuffs in the backseat of the police cruiser and steal back her bag of marijuana from the passenger seat. If she had just given it back like a good, ridiculously high girl, she probably would have been fine, but instead she decided to eat the whole bag and earn herself a felony.

Like most idiot criminals, Smith didn’t realize there was a dash cam pointed at her the entire time as she snacked on her stickiest of icky, so of course we all get to watch my good, old home state of Florida embarrass itself for the billionth time this year.