Watch This Cyclist Spectacularly Eat Sh*t After Tailgating A Backhoe

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08.04.14 13 Comments

I live in a city full of fixie-riding hipster a-holes, and — as an urban cyclist myself — I honestly do not get the cult of the fixed-gear bicycle and why anyone would want to ride around a bunch of cabs and buses and other big metal boxes that can kill you on a bike with no brakes. Case in point, cyclist Renárs Bundzis attached a GoPro camera to the front of his fixed-gear bicycle and then recorded himself biking around a city somewhere. Unfortunately he got a little too close behind a backhoe and riding that closely, it would have been difficult to an avoid an accident even if he had had brakes.

And that’s why you don’t tailgate a backhoe. I feel as though J. Walter Weatherman could have been instrumental in some lesson teaching, here.


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