Watch This Florida Woman Try To Induce Labor By Doing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Dance

Bonnie Northsea’s baby was content to kick it in the dope pad known as his mom’s womb, but momma wasn’t having any of that after nine months. Determined to induce labor, Bonnie searched and found a pretty amazing way to bring out baby: the “Thriller” dance. In the above video, you can see Bonnie emulating the King of Pop’s dance moves like she’s Jennifer Garner on a mission to discover that we all grow up too fast and that we shouldn’t rush it.

It’s not yet known if Bonnie’s experiment worked, but I’m just glad she chose “Thriller” and not some kind of sexy sax song, because we all know what happens when you dance to “You Belong to the City” or some Dave Koz when preggers…