Watch This Frustrated Man Strip Naked To Make It Through Security At A Russian Airport

Having to hustle your way through airport security is a common way of life these days. Some people will do anything to ensure a swift trek through the checkpoints, but sometimes things just pop up that really push you to the brink. That’s apparently what happened to this man in Russia after being told to take off his belt. From My Fox NY:

It happened at Pulkovo Airport in St. Persburg, Russia.

Security video of the incident showed the man start by taking off his shoes. He then removed his pants and then his shirt and his watch.

The man did leave his socks on.

After calmly walking through the check point the man puts his watch back on before grabbing his clothes and walking off.

The police are looking into the matter, but I think they should be looking at the staff instead. The most extreme part of the entire clip is how the security guards just stand and watch him strip. Someone would’ve at least tried to stop him here in America or at least beat him senseless until he couldn’t take his pants off. What else are they letting through at these Russian airports?

(Via My Fox NY)