Watch This Furious Silverback Gorilla Smash The Glass At The Omaha Zoo (UPDATE)

So, this happened at the Omaha Zoo yesterday. A family was watching the Silverback Gorilla exhibit when, all of a sudden, one of the gorillas charged the glass out of nowhere and managed to crack it, effectively scaring the living sh*t out of zoo visitors. According to the Redditor who captured the video, the gorilla had apparently had been fighting with one of the other male gorillas prior to the incident, and other photos have since popped up showing what the gorilla looked like afterward. The family quickly exited the exhibit, and when they returned a short time later, zoo workers were clearing visitors from the area.

See, this is why you don’t keep highly intelligent animals that could also easily tear our heads off in captivity. We’re literally just three inches of glass from a gorilla uprising.

Here’s the startled reaction of spectators reflected in the glass at the exact moment of impact:

UDPATE: Apparently the little girl in the video was beating her chest moments before the attack happened, as you can see in this slowed down gif:


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