Watch This Guy Try To Read ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ While Using A Speech Jammer

This video is probably best appreciated after the use of mind-altering substances. A man named Brian tries to read the beloved Dr. Seuss classic One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish using a speech jammer. If you’re not familiar with speech jammers, they’re usually phone apps or small devices that take your recorded voice and play it back at a delay. Coupled with the use of headphones, the playback makes it virtually impossible to speak without sounding like you’ve had a few hundred too many.

Pretty much from the time he starts reading the book aloud, Brian begins stumbling, and it quickly goes downhill from there. The 2:27 mark is especially cringe-worthy, as the poor guy begins to read a passage about a fish fingers, and it looks as if he might stroke out on camera. At the end of the video, even with the jammer turned off, Brian is still having a hard time spitting words out. As anyone who has used one of these will tell you, it takes a few minutes to get your mind straight afterwards.

Source: Reddit