Watch This Indestructible Kung-Fu Master Take An Electric Drill To The Head

25 year-old Zhao Rui is a Shaolin Kung-Fu master from Southwest China. He’s also apparently quite indestructible.

The above video showcases this fact as he attempts to pierce his body with iron spears, uses his neck strength to pull a vehicle with a steel blade, and has an electronic drill pressed against his temple without bloodshed.  After years of training with Kung-Fu masters, he demonstrates his abilities to show what can be gained through the vigorous martial arts training he committed to.

According to The Daily Mail, Zhao used to be a shy unsure boy, but that’s all changed:

I believe in making my body super tough. Believe it or not, I used to be quite nervous as a youngster but now that I can break stones with my head I have found it has given me lots of self-confidence.

There you have it, folks. The key to better self esteem: break a rock or two over your head. It’ll apparently work wonders!

(Source: Ruptly / The Daily Mail)