Watch This Kid Try To Walk Into His House After Having His Wisdom Teeth Removed

Watching this guy attempt to walk into his house, fight his reflection, and run from Halloween decorations makes David After Dentist look like complete junk. We’ve showed a lot of post-surgery, high as a Georgia pine-type videos on this site, but this is one of the greats. From the description:

This hilarious video is of My son Cameron after getting his wisdom teeth removed. Although he’s 18, I had NEVER heard my son say a swear nor say the ”N” word in my presence until this day! And boy did he bring it all out!

Did the slip him some truth serum at the dentist? Maybe he was possessed by the ghost of Katt Williams’ career. The part that doesn’t enjoy court and prison. Either way, it’s a fun couple of minutes.

(Via Reddit / mlprice31)