Here’s Video Of A Little Monkey Buying Juice From A Vending Machine And Returning The Change

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06.16.13 5 Comments

Monkey Vending Machine

It’s Sunday and also Father’s Day so I’m sure that you have steaks and burgers to be grilling or a prison to get to, but you have to take a moment to watch this video of a monkey buying juice from a vending machine. I’ve never actually thought about watching a monkey buy juice from a vending machine before, but if I had, I would have wanted it to go down exactly like the video you’re about to watch.

After all, if we can’t even teach our monkeys about proper manners when they’re giving us the change back from a vending machine, then how are we going to expect other animals to do it? So while you watch this, I’m going to start training an army of quokkas to mow my lawn. That’s about the most adorable and efficient thing that I can think of.

I really hope that juice is sugar free, though, because we all know what happens when a monkey gets too much of the sweet stuff…

Pray For Mojo

(H/T to Fark)

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