Watch This Man Propose To His Wife With The Wedding Ring She Lost 15 Years Ago

Just a warning, it’s about to get all kinds of dusty in here with a 80% chance of raw onions. The young woman who uploaded this video to YouTube writes that her mother had lost her wedding ring fifteen years prior, and at this point had given up hope of ever finding it — assuming it gone for good. However when her father recently found it hidden away in an old wooden box, the pair devised a scheme to reunite her mother with the ring by having her father propose with the missing ring after thirty-eight years of marriage.

I write about some of the worst people on the internet every day, so watching this woman’s emotional response to seeing her wedding ring after fifteen years restores my faith in everything. You could tell me a Florida man high on meth pulled his pants down and pooped in the middle of a Taco Bell while wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the poop emoji and it wouldn’t kill the warm and fuzzies I got from this video.