A Prankster Pissed Off His Friend By Imitating His iPhone Notifications

Oh friends, what would we do without them? They’re the family we choose, our second selves, partners in crime, people we have secret, inside jokes with … sorry, I ran out of Pinterest quotes. The point is, having good friends is an important part of life. Being able to spot people who aren’t good friends may be even more important. Case in point, this guy.

Swedish Vine user Manfred Hanberg may be #winning when it comes to the internet but judging by all of the pranks he’s pulled on his unlucky roommate, he could use some help in the “how to treat your buddy” department. His latest seven-second clip may be the most creative practical joke we’ve ever seen on loop. While his friend is busy watching TV, Hanberg mimics his phone’s notification alerts and his imitations are pretty perfect. From Twitter’s bird chirp to the vibrating text message and Facebook’s glass ping, the kid’s got talent, though his friend doesn’t seem to be too impressed.

Apparently “Va Fan!” doesn’t translate to “Cool bro!” in Swedish.