Mattel Launched A Superman Action Figure To ‘The Edge Of Space’ And Back

Earlier this month, DesignSpark shot a Superman action figure “to the edge of space.” Hitting an altitude of 29,000 meters, the company partnered with Mattel Toys Italy for the mission and was able to successfully bring the Man of Steel parachuting back to Earth unharmed. From DesignSpark:

After applying for permission to launch from Air Traffic Control, we monitored the weather conditions via weather predictor software the few days leading up to our launch window. The weather patterns were predicting low winds and warm and dry conditions, so this was perfect, and also meant that Superman shouldn’t drift too far from the landing site…

If the Superman or his capsule were looking like they were going to land in a city, near a motorway or in dense forest, we could change the balloon size or the amount of gas used, add or reduce the payload weight or have a bigger or smaller parachute.

The project was inspired by Felix Baumgartner’s 2012 jump from space. DesignSpark has provided all the details regarding the project at their blog. And if you’re itching to shoot one of your toys into space, downloadable instructions have been posted to Instructables to help you get to infinity and beyond!

(Via: Design Spark / Instructables / CBR)