Watch This Swedish TV Host Gracefully Start A Fire While Trying To Fry Cheese Doodles

This video is fascinating for a number of reasons. First of all, today is apparently National Cheese Doodle Day, which should actually be “International Cheese Doodle Day” because they apparently also celebrate it in Sweden. So to celebrate National Cheese Doodle Day, Swedish TV4’s Jenny Strömstedt demonstrates how to make fried cheese doodles. Who thought to themselves, “Cheese doodles aren’t delicious and bad for you enough as it is, why don’t we fry these suckers up?”

Fine, so we’re frying cheese doodles! I’ve never seen anyone suck at anything as much as Jenny Strömstedt sucks at frying cheese doodles. MY GOD, WOMAN. It can’t be that hard to keep them in the pan. First, they’re falling out all over the place, then, for some reason, she tries a fancy pan flip because keeping them in a stationary pan wasn’t challenging enough, and the cheese doodles fly out all over the place and land on the burner and catch on fire. It’s incredible. This woman is actually the Swedish Chef. Somebody made a version with English subtitles, but they should all just read “BORK BORK BORK.”

Via Reddit