Watch This Young Magician Bring Thug Life To The World Of Magic

This clip was floating around Reddit yesterday and it was good, funny, but you kinda knew there was more to it. Someone edited the music in there (a shock, I’m sure), but that look, hair, and attitude were all real.

The clip comes from Judd Ehrlich’s documentary Magic Camp, about Tannen’s Magic Camp outside of Philadelphia, and the confident, curly haired trickster is Reuben Moreland. Not only did he love the edit made to the original footage, but he sat down for a Reddit AMA to talk about his experiences at the camp and how the thug life managed to find him.

My favorite part has nothing to do with his responses, though:

If they weren’t frowning then, they’ve got to be frowning now due to all this non-magic related attention. But when you’re living the thug life, rules and regulations are exactly your main concern.

(Via Reddit / Kaley Dickinson / Reuben Moreland / Magic Camp)