Tom Brady Tries To Act And Amanda Seyfried Rips Bong Loads In The ‘Ted 2’ Red-Band Trailer

Ted 2 has a new trailer out, and I hope your mom is out of the room before you watch it, because this one’s the red-band trailer, all full of swears and sperms and Seth MacFarlane singing songs and other stuff adults hate. Anyway, the plot is that Ted wants to have a baby with his special lady, but since he’s a dickless plush toy like Billy Bush, he needs his best bud Marky Mark to help him find someone else’s sperm to put in her.

First they try Tom Brady, the gold standard of New England sperm donors. That doesn’t work, so they have to sue the government, with the help of sexy lawyer lady Amanda Seyfried, who we get to watch rip bong loads. It is kind of neat to watch, she’s very pretty.

Anyway, the trailer seems to follow the usual MacFarlane formula of two legitimately funny jokes followed by a third that makes me groan so hard it makes me retroactively reconsider the other two. My biggest takeaway from this is that Tom Brady isn’t a very good actor. You can argue Brady vs. Peyton Manning on the field all day, but in terms of comedic acting, Peyton wins hands down.

Ted 2 opens June 26th.