Watch Trevor Philips From ‘GTA V’ Tear Up Los Santos In A ‘Jackass’ Style Video

This video is the reason gamers love the GTA franchise so much: the absolute freedom to do cool-ass stuff. A fan of GTA V created a Jackass-style video starring game protagonist Trevor Philips, complete with the show’s opening warning and theme music blaring throughout. Using an invincibility mod, Trevor tears up the fictional city of Los Santos with insane stunts, all while wearing a leopard skin Speedo.

A few Trevor Philips stunts of note from the clip:
-Getting attacked by a mountain lion
-Getting knocked off a semi-truck while flipping the double bird
-Jumping off a high-rise into a swimming pool
-Blowing a snot-rocket out of his nose before getting hit by a train

Unlike the actual Jackass movies, this game looks like it could be entertaining for at least a few hours.

Source: Daily Dot