Water Tetris is America’s Newest Sport

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While the Tetris was only meant to demonstrate the abilities of a water screen, the Tetris is what everybody’s focusing on, because as a species, we’re so obsessed with Tetris we’ve built robots out of Legos to play it for us. Although we’ll admit that the water screen is pretty neat, if incredibly low resolution.

If you were wondering what the deal with the water screen is, it uses three layers, dripping water out of needles, while a projector uses precise timing and projecting onto the three different layers to create the illusion of a consistent screen. Unfortunately, the resolution is absolute crap, about 50 by 60 drops, but that’s more than enough to score four lines.

In Tetris, we mean. Expect to see this technology in overly elaborate office buildings around the world in about five years.

[ via CrunchGear ]

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