Watch This Watermelon Explosion Experiment Go Terribly, Terribly Wrong

This is what happens when you keep kids off drugs and the internet: they try to have fun by exploding watermelons. And because exploding fruit via traditional means (with a firecracker) is too dangerous, the two geniuses (and their genius parents) in this video thought they’d catch a little fun by forcing a watermelon to explode due to the pressure of being completely encased in tight rubber bands. (Pro-tip if you’re an artist looking for a project: put rubber bands around a watermelon until it looks painful and then title that piece “my anxiety and despair.”)

I don’t know what this family was expecting when they did this, but they must have been lulled into a false sense of comfort before all hell broke loose. The first few second of this video — with the watermelon cracking and spilling its juice everywhere — is pretty uneventful. But then, just as everyone’s about to call this whole thing a draw and retire to the family room for some cocoa and board games (which is what I imagine families who explode watermelons for fun do when their watermelons refuse to detonate), the watermelon gives a hearty “eff yooooooou” to the world and bursts in a way that Jason Statham would be proud of, taking out the lights and scaring the daylights out of everyone on camera.

Hope those kids learned a valuable lesson: fruit fights back. (That’s why I get all my nutrients from Crunch bars and Cheetos.)

(Via Tastefully Offensive)