Somebody Carved A Watermelon To Look Just Like The Night King On ‘Game Of Thrones’

We haven’t seen any of the Night King on this season of Game of Thrones since Hodor hodored his last Hodor, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still lurking around somewhere beyond the wall. In the meantime his spirit lives on… in watermelon form! Italian carver Valeriano Fatica, who specializes in carving fruits and vegetables, shared this video on his impressive YouTube channel late last month. In it, he carves an uncanny likeness of the leader of the White Walkers, which he writes took him an incredible 18 hours to finish.

Not so scary now, are you Night King? What with your head full of pulp and seeds and literally no ability to reanimate the dead. Why don’t you go find a nice picnic? I hear they like watermelon at those. (I have no idea why that would be an effective burn against the Night King, BUT I STAND BY IT.)

(Via Tastefully Offensive)