Way Too Late, AVG Tries To Stop Rickrolling

Remember Rickrolling? Boy, that’s a fun stupid fad it’s going to be strange explaining to our kids!

Anyway, if you’ve gotten rickrolled, you’re probably familiar with this video (and don’t click it; you know what you’re in for if you do). It’s gotten over sixty million views on YouTube. And for a while, it was gone, thanks to a copyright claim from…AVG?

AVG Technologies is a computer security software company founded in the Czech Republic over 20 years ago. It doesn’t likely hold the copyright to the Astley video. And the official VEVO version of the video remains live on YouTube. “You know the rules, and so do I,” Astley sang—but we’re not actually sure that we do in this case.

Fortunately for old meme jokes everywhere, the video was quickly restored. We’re assuming one of two things happened here: either AVG meant to file a copyright claim for a different video and there was a typo…or they actually just got rickrolled by a truly brilliant troll.

Either way, we’re left with just one question:

Come on, you weren’t really expecting us to Rickroll you, were you?

image via WordRidden on Flickr