WB Thinks the First “Green Lantern” Trailer Sucked?

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Personally, I liked the first Green Lantern trailer. Yeah, it was brief and lacking in details, but it was a trailer for a movie more than a year from release and it gave us a look at the make-up and effects in action and gave us a sense of what Martin Campbell was doing with the character, and it seemed faithful without being cartoony. All in all, it looked good.

Apparently I was alone in that opinion, as the WB have admitted they didn’t really have the beef to throw into a teaser trailer. Apparently, the huge space battles with lots of aliens the trailer only hinted at are all over the movie, but they’re in 3D, so locking down those sequences has been taking longer than they thought. Supposedly a better trailer will be tagged in front of “Thor”, complete with the dulcet tones of Michael Clarke Duncan as Kilowog and Geoffrey Rush as Tomar Re.

[ via the trailer hitches at IndieWire ]

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