We Finally Know Why ‘Driveclub’ Was Delayed

Sony’s first-party racing title, Driveclub, is undeniably a mess. First it got delayed. Amid rumors of getting scrapped, it returned. And now Sony tried, and failed, to pull a very weird presale scheme with it as bait. Which leads us to ask: What the heck is going on with this game?

For those unfamiliar, Sony had a novel idea wherein you would pay them $50 for the game and then pay them $10 a month to keep it, in the form of tying it to your PS Plus subscription. That, needless to say, did not excite PlayStation owners, and Sony quickly backpedaled.

Lost amid all this, though, was the revelation of this video:

Watch the opening. Pay attention to the PlayStation Plus part (the yellow gamer) in the beginning of the video. Notice anything… interesting? Like how it sounds almost exactly like you buy tracks, cars, and the like piece by piece?

Putting together the odd remarks about “going back to the drawing board” with the game, followed by Sony announcing a release date a month later for a game that sounded like it was getting scrapped, it’s pretty clear what’s really going on here: Driveclub was going to be an F2P game, possibly even a subscription title. Sony was going to roll it out as such and, for whatever reason, possibly because the F2P fad on consoles is drying up quickly, decided to throw that idea out the window. And now they’re kinda hoping we won’t notice.

It’s another case of a game company refusing to admit, at all costs, that anything changes or that anything’s wrong. True, we don’t need to know everything… but telling us you were making the game less annoying probably would have been a good start, Sony.