This Weatherman’s Failed Sex Joke Will Make You Feel Better About Your Most Awkward Moment

Here’s what would have been just your average, run-of-the mill adoption segment on Wisconsin’s NBC 15, with morning-show anchor Christine Bellport making fast friends with a cute German shepherd looking for a home. “I’m just going to sit here and hang out with my new best friend,” she said, turning things over to meteorologist Charlie Shortino. That’s when things took quite the unfortunate turn, because meteorologist Charlie Shortino is really not good at telling jokes.

“Really? I think you… You two should get a, uh, hotel room or something. That’s a lot of action going on over there,” Shortino quipped, before making it so much worse by adding, “Probably the most action you’ve seen in months!” After a not-at-all awkward pause Shortino spit out a somewhat ashamed giggle at his joke, but it seems like he was the only one laughing. Maybe from now on he should stick to the weather and leave the jokes to Jeff Foxworthy?