Web-Slinging Spider-Man Photos, His Secret Past As A Human Centipede

Some new pictures of the stuntman for Spider-Man doing some swinging have surfaced online.  I mean the type of swinging one does with web shooters, not the swinging one does when not coaching the Jets.  Speaking of things which cannot be unseen, did you know Spider-Man called himself a Human Centipede in Amazing Spider-Man #101?  It’s true.  Consider yourself lucky if you don’t know why that matters.

The set photos are after the jump.  I’m not going to say much about them because, honestly, I’ve already written about this too much in the past week to keep going on about it.  Spider-Man wears lycra and jumps around. We know this.  What I need to know more about is his Human Centipede phase.  How medically accurate was it, precisely?  And if you didn’t get the reference, welcome to the interwebs.  Your whole life is about to change, and there are some things you should know:  you aren’t the millionth visitor to the website, don’t listen to anyone who tells you to “drag this”, extensive testing in our lab has confirmed you can not go blind that way, and do not under any circumstances Google image search for a blue breakfast food. Just don’t.

[pictures via SuperHeroHype and LatinoReview, with some alterations]

[pictures via SuperHeroHype and LatinoReview, with some alterations]