This Wedding Backflip Knockout Video Is Even Better With UFC Announcers

Earlier in July, a video surfaced of perhaps the most cringeworthy moment in the history of weddings, which is impressive because weddings seem to go wrong on a pretty regular basis. The whole thing starts off as your typical hip and cool dance arrival into the reception, but goes horribly wrong when the groom does a series of backflips… and ends up spin-kicking the bride right in the head.

Now, it’s time for the remix you never knew you needed: The guys from MMA Digest have taken audio of UFC commentators Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg and laid it over the video, creating a PPV-worthy knockout. AND IT IS ALL OVER! (Hopefully not the marriage, though…)

And don’t worry, ladies and gents. Weddings go very right more than they go very wrong. Just ask The Rock, or The Who’s Roger Daltrey, or these awesome bridesmaids.