A Couple Had Their First Dance On The Highway Thanks To Traffic

It is easy to get caught up in the madness of the wedding. Between the guest list, catering, finding a dress, and trying to plan the picture perfect affair, it’s easy to absolutely lose your mind. However, at the heart of things, hopefully, is a genuine love between two people who are ready to share their lives together, for better or for worse. The rest of the stuff is just icing (buttercream or get the hell out). That became abundantly clear to Jeff and Rebecca Payne of Centerville, Ohio, after their wedding ceremony.

On the way to their reception, the newly united Paynes got stuck in horrific traffic, keeping them separate from their guests and the sweet relief of a buffet and bar. Instead of letting this inconvenience ruin their night, they decided to make the best of it, and had their first dance as husband and wife right there on US-35. Luckily, their videographer was there to capture the love. It’s easy to get cynical about love and romance, but little moments like this make it pretty clear that it is alive and well. It isn’t just in the huge gestures. Sometimes it’s as simple as not killing each other in traffic.

(Via People)