Guests Of Disaster Weddings Reveal The Moment They Knew Things Were Headed For Divorce

06.09.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

Have you ever attended a wedding that you knew — from either the moment you got the invitation or halfway through the reception — that there was no way these two people were going to make it? Like you just knew that there is no way in hell these people were meant to be together. Heck, we’ve seen it plenty of times in the Uproxx archives alone.

Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious to the two people headed to the altar that their union is going to crash and burn harder than fighting robots in a Michael Bay movie, which can lead to some very awkward and uncomfortable weddings. Whether the groom gets drunk before the reception even starts or the bride is clearly making an “I’ve made a huge mistake” face, sometimes it’s just clear to everyone witnessing the sacred union.

Such was the topic of this Reddit thread asking the question: “What happened at a wedding that let you know the marriage was going to end in a divorce?” And boy… if you think you’ve been to some bad weddings, wait til you hear these doozies. We’ll start with this top-voted response from destinydivided, who hopefully won a cut of the money:

The groom looked drunk and the bride seemed incredibly angry. Then there was this woman walking around during the reception placing bets on when they would divorce. I later found out she was the mother of the groom.

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